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Therapies and Focus Areas


Brainspotting and EMDR are both brain-based, somatic, neuro-experiential modalities that work at the level of the nervous system to help individuals process and integrate trauma, anxiety, and related issues and symptoms. EMDR works by using bi-lateral stimulation to gently encourage the brain to find a sense of safety in the present moment. Brainspotting works to unfreeze stuck emotions in the nervous system and body, supporting and facilitating the healing process. I use both approaches in my work, and have found that they significantly increase the speed of healing for many.  

In my work with individuals I bring compassion and curiosity to support you in an unfolding process of uncovering aliveness, growth, hope, and serenity. My work integrates several schools of therapy, including psychodynamic therapies (emphasizing the impact of early life experiences), somatic and mind body therapies (emphasizing the profound wisdom of the body), and neuroscience based therapies (such as Dan Siegel’s work) that honor the physiological underpinnings of all effective therapy. 

Breakdowns in relationship occur when resentment, betrayal, and unexpressed hurt start to overwhelm the sense of connection, intimacy, and love. Combining approaches from Emotion Focused Therapy, the Developmental Model of Couples work, and ISTDP (Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Therapy), I work with couples to bring awareness to the painful dynamics that cause relationship dysfunction. With this awareness, I help couples practice new ways of relating that support emotional safety, closeness, and connection.

EMDR and Brainspotting

Couples Therapy 

Integrative Psychotherapy

Focus Areas

PTSD / Trauma

Sexual Assault/Abuse

War/Armed Conflict

Car Accidents/Shock traumas

Medical Trauma

Relationship Issues

Trust and intimacy issues

Communication Problems

Pre-Marital Counseling



Social Anxiety

Generalized Anxiety

Existential Anxiety 


Spiritual Concerns

Religious Guilt and Shame

Integrating Spiritual Experiences

Psychedelic Integration

Attachment Issues


Emotional Dysregulation 

Isolation, Relationship Difficulties

Trust Issues

Creativity and Performance

Writer's Block

Stage Fright

Creativity Issues

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